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Troubleshooting Method Of UV Glazing Machine

Jul 27, 2018

1. Small granular impurities appear on the surface of the glazing 

Failure reason: On the coating mixed with impurities.

Solution: Glazing paint should be filtered and then used. Glazing machine should also be coated bucket and cots clean, to avoid dirt mixed.

2. Glazing Film Gloss Difference

Fault reason: A. coating drying and calendering temperature is low; b. Paint quality is poor, film-forming itself after the low gloss; c. coating concentration of small coating, coating is too thin.

Solution: A. Adjust glazing coating drying temperature, improve the calendering temperature; b. Replace the paint, or increase the concentration of paint, increase the amount of coating; c. Can be used two times coated.

3. The membrane surface appears streaks or wrinkling 

Fault reason: A. on the high viscosity; b. On the coating is too large; c. On the printed surface ink layer wettability is not good; d. Glazing machine cots and embossing drum pressure uneven.

Solution: A. Add a small amount of diluent to reduce the viscosity of the coating; b. Reduce the amount of coating on the coating; Adjust the glazing machine cots and embossing rollers between the pressure to eliminate streaks.

4. After calendering, the surface is easy to crack (thick paper more obvious)

Fault reason: A. The temperature in the calendering is high, so that the moisture content of the printed matter is reduced, and the paper fiber becomes brittle. B. Pressure in the light, so that the extension of the printed matter, flexibility to change; c. After processing technology conditions are unsuitable;

Solution: A. Reduce the pressure light drying temperature, and take effective measures to change the moisture content of the printed matter; b. Reduce the pressure of light; c. Adjust the processing conditions to match the suitability of the printed matter (after calendering).

5. After calendering the blank part of the printed matter is light-colored, the light-colored part discoloration 

Failure reason: A. Ink drying bad, ink layer solvent resistance; b. coating solvent on the ink layer has a certain degree of dissolution; c. The coating layer drying is not thorough, the solvent residue quantity is high.

Solution: A. Print after drying and then glazing; b. Reduce the amount of solvent in the coating (ink solvent), conditions allow to change the solvent or replace the paint; c. Improve drying temperature and reduce the internal solvent residue of coating.