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The Adjustment Of Creasing Machine In Corrugating Machine Is Very Important.

Jul 27, 2018

In order to ensure the normal work of double-sided corrugated machine, so that the canvas belt in the operation of the appropriate tension, not biased, it is necessary to adjust the pneumatic or manual tension mechanism or control device. Usually keep the canvas belt clean and dry to facilitate good ventilation.

For the use of the pressure roller to be based on the corrugated cardboard molding status and automatic production line speed and the use of a variety of web quality timely adjustment to ensure the quality of corrugated board. Slitting part mainly by slitting indentation machine of the cross-cutting machines. Slitting indentation part of the role is in accordance with the production needs of the corrugated board cut into a certain specification and the longitudinal cutting when the corrugated plate longitudinal bending requirements of the indentation. Longitudinal cutting machine is generally a two-part longitudinal cutting indentation machine. According to the production needs at the same time adjust two sets of required size, in the replacement of production specifications, just start electrical control device, so that the equipment rotary 180°, you can put into use, reduce downtime, reduce consumption, improve production efficiency. In order to ensure that the longitudinal cutting in the cutting knife in the corrugated board cutting edge, face paper crack damage in line with national standards, each group of garden knife adjustment after the gap should be less than 0.04mm.