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Standard Of Corrugated Board

Jul 27, 2018

Foreign trade supply of imported corrugated cardboard production paper mainly from the United States, Japan, Finland, Canada and other countries to import quantitative 360g/m2 Niuca and 180g/m2 corrugated paper, but also a part of the 337g/m2 Niuca and 160g/m2 corrugated original paper. In order to improve the domestic corrugated cardboard box production paper, some paper enterprises also began to test the amount of 360g/m2 and 420g/m2 Cattle Suitcase Board (Kraft paper). Subsequently, as a part of the paper enterprises and corrugated cardboard production of paper production enterprises to build and put into production, cartons of paper products, various grades, grams of cardboard paper and corrugated original paper constantly put on the market, carton production enterprises to increase the choice of cardboard. Corrugated cardboard national standards (GB-6544-86) in the requirements of corrugated cardboard box production paper materials must comply with the provisions of the box Board of Quantitative 250g/m2, 280g/m2, 300g/m2, 320g/m2, 360g/m2, corrugated paper for the 125g/m2, 150g/m2, 180G/M2, so that single, double corrugated cardboard grams in 1000g/m2~1100g/m2 around, in order to ensure the quantitative basis, to ensure the quality of cartons.