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How To Effectively Improve The Box Folding Accuracy

Dec 09, 2018

How to effectively improve the accuracy of Box folding and gluing forming?


In the global carton production, Box folding and gluing is an essential production link. However, how to achieve high precision requirement while maintaining high speed in stable production, is a very difficult problem to solve.

Now most of the carton production enterprises are using automatic Folder gluer in order to realizing efficient production. But what kind of Folder gluer function can meet the requirement of high precision forming? First of all, we need to know what are the demands of high precision box-pasting.

As shown in the figure, this is the best range of Box folding and gluing that can be achieved in global corrugated board production:



Carton-feeding guarantee


First, the feeding part must be keeping stable, and most importantly, due to the printing face down, friction needs to be minimized so as to avoid damaging the printing face.


Correction after carton-feeding


After the carton board going through the feeding process, aberration will appear. To avoid the impact on the after Box folding and gluing accuracy, it is necessary to eliminate this error. At this time, it is necessary to correct the transmission position of cartons to ensure that all cartons are on the center line of equipment transmission, so as to fundamentally ensure the accuracy of box pasting.


Scoring correction


The most important factor that affects carton box folding forming is the carton board scoring. If the scoring is not good, then there will be a great effect on folding forming. Generally speaking, after the production of the watermark printing slotting machine, the scoring of the carton board is nonstandard, the error will be around plus or minus 2mm, even reach to 3-5mm, which will greatly affect the folding forming effect. Therefore, it is necessary to re-score to guarantee the effect, so as to ensure the scoring effect is required by the folding forming precision.


Control in non-rebound folding forming


In the process of carton folding forming, it is necessary to effectively control the edge of scoring. However, the flexibility among the different types of cartons varied, such as board between flute A and flute E , flute AB and flute B, and flute AB flute to flute BE , cardboard flexibility are obvious different, and so are the paper gram, therefore its flexibility also changed. Then it is necessary to strictly control the side pressure in the carton box forming process to ensure that there will be no rebound dislocation during and after the forming process.


Sufficient bonding time in stacking


After carton folding finished, enough time should be given due to the time required for glue to dry completely. However this part is often overlooked in the production process. If box stacking are removed before glue is dry completely, meanwhile the carton happens to having a strong flexibility , then the glue will be stretched out. Usually this situation will occur on the top of the carton box.