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Corrugated Manufacturing Process

Jul 27, 2018

Corrugated board (also known as corrugated cardboard) production line is the roll of the original paper through the suppression of corrugated, glue, bonding, paper pressure line, cut into the specifications of cardboard, and finally through the code output, such as the flow of assembly lines formed. Corrugated paper is used to make corrugated paper.

Wet equipment configuration, in the entire corrugated board (also known as corrugated cardboard) production line wet equipment is the key equipment of corrugated molding, mainly related to the original paper, glue, steam, and other factors on the paper forming quality. Corrugated original paper carton production process will also affect the compressive strength. Corrugated original paper to overheat, temperature is not easy to cause a blankly, inverted, face paper and corrugated false sticky phenomenon. The arrangement of the cadre equipment, in the cadre equipment, the slitting machine is affects the work efficiency the equipment, its choice is very important. Production management system configuration, production management system in addition to the production site monitoring, to have a complete production data collection, statistics, print output.

Carton production line is a new generation of automatic packaging line, with high production speed, good packaging quality, good compatibility, stability and other advantages, is a machine, electricity, instrument, gas, robotics integration of High-tech products, can be packaged items in the carton after the packaging process of empty carton distribution, carton forming, goods listed whole conveying, manipulator boxing, Automatic folding lid upper and lower sealing box, working word Corner sealing box, batch number printing, carton strapping, right angle turn, carton # Word strapping, conveying, robot palletizing, empty pallet distribution, real pallet conveying, real pallet top bundle, real pallet horizontal strapping, pallet winding, real pallet output and so on all realize automation.

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