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Corrugated Board Making Equipment

Jul 27, 2018

70 ago, most of the Chinese carton production equipment is a stand-alone manual operation, production efficiency is very low, the enterprise benefit is poor.

The beginning of the 80 's, domestic carton machinery enterprises began to imitate the introduction of equipment. Some carton enterprises began to introduce Japanese advanced equipment, corrugated board production line, water-based printing slotting machine, rotary die-cutting machine.

However, as a result of imported equipment from abroad expensive so that most of the domestic carton enterprises are not acceptable, the appearance of the situation for domestic machinery and equipment enterprises opened a market. The formation of China's domestic current more advanced carton packaging machinery and equipment.

With the increasing demand of corrugated box industry, carton production development of carton machinery and equipment requirements more and more high.

According to the current development situation, corrugated carton packaging machinery enterprises further to develop high-speed, high-grade, high efficiency, high-tech machinery and equipment development, will trigger a new round of corrugated box machinery and equipment industry revolution.