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How to plan corrugated carton production factory

Dec 07, 2018

How to plan corrugated factory Corrugated boardproduction

Outline of Manufacturing Process and Materials Utilized

The manufacture of corrugated packaging can be roughly classified into two processes: the containerboard combining process, which glues one or more sheets of fluted corrugating medium to one or more flat facings of linerboard; and the box manufacturing process, which is used to assemble the corrugated sheets into boxes. Figure 1 depicts the typical manufacturing process flow and the auxiliary facilities that are used at a corrugated packaging plant.

▲Figure 1-Overview of Manufacturing Process Flow for Corrugated Packaging

*1 Containerboard combining process

*2 Containerboard

*3Adhesives for combining


Primary Materials and Energies Utilized in the Corrugated Packaging Industry

  1. Containerboard (linerboard, corrugating medium)

  2.  Adhesives for combining (starch = corn starch, caustic soda, borax/boricacid)

  3. Printing ink (flexo ink, quick drying ink, OP varnish)

  4. Joint adhesives (vinyl acetate emulsion adhesives)

  5. Energy sources (electricity, gas/heavy oil/kerosene, water)

  6. De-oxygenating agent for boiler, neutralizer

  7. Bundling materials (PP bands, stretch film, baling twine, etc.)

  8. Other materials (water treatment agents, lubricating oils, paints)


Details of Primary Materials Utilized for the Manufacture of Corrugated Board Corrugated Boxes

In general,paper that has a greater basis weight and thickness than that of regular paper is collectively referred to as paperboard.Among all the types of paperboard, those that are utilized particularly for the manufacture of corrugated packaging are referred to as containerboard.This containerboard is classified, as shown in Table 1, in accordance with thestatistics and classifications specified by the Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry-Classification Table for Paperboard Types.

Table 1 -Extracted from the Classification Table for Paperboard Types

1:Linerboard for outer packing is regulated under JIS P 3902. However, thereare no classifications that differentiate between kraft linerboard and jutelinerboard. Linerboard is only classified by strength, into classes AA, A, Band C.

2:Corrugating medium are regulated under JIS P 3904. However, there areno classifications that differentiate between pulp coreag.

The adhesive for combining is a bonding agent used to adhere the wave-shaped flutes to the front and back linerboard. The main ingredient of this type of glue is starch. As described within this document, caustic soda is used to reduce the gelatinizing temperature of the starch. Either borax or boric acid is used to add viscosity and to increase adhesion at the time of initial application.

Figure 2 -Typical Adhesives for Combining Ingredients and Glue Manufacture Process Flow


Manufacturing Processes

Container board combining Process-the process by which corrugated boards are made, using a machine called a corrugators.

A corrugating medium is pressed into a wave-like shape (flutes), then is glued to both a top sheet and a bottom sheet of linerboard. The corrugated boards are then dried, scored, cut and loaded.