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How to maintain the cardboard machine?

Jul 27, 2018

1, operators should be familiar with the use of manual, strict compliance with operating procedures;

2. Keep The working environment of the testing machine clean and tidy;

3, the test machine failure, should be asked to remove professional inspection, do not run the disease;

4, adhere to the cycle verification, to maintain the excellent technical state of the Test machine.

The period of verification is generally one year; 

5. Irregular refueling lubrication of the moving parts of the test machine at regular intervals; 

6. When the printing paper rolls out or the print is not clear, you should replace the paper volume or print Ribbon.

7, cardboard carton testing machine transmission chain should be timely refueling, lubricants using 50th mechanical oil, refueling can be the test machine tilt back to its base, with brush dip in the bottom of the base of the chain, oil should not be too much, in order not to flow down for degrees.