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Six Key Points of the Updated of Micro-Corrugated Single Facer

Jan 07, 2019

Six Key Points of the Updated of Micro-Corrugated Single Facer

With more and more packaging users tend to choose lightweight packaging, the huge micro-corrugated cardboard market is being focused by more and more carton enterprises. However, most of the carton enterprise's high weight cardboard production equipment cannot directly complete the production of micro corrugated board, through the single facer updated is considered to be the best way to invest less with high efficiency. The following are the concrete methods of micro corrugated single facer updated.


Four Advantages of Micro Corrugated Board

Compared with solid core cardboard, micro corrugated has obvious advantages, so it is moreand more popular among packaging users, especially in the fields of digital product packaging, small home appliance packaging, cosmetics packaging, medical equipment packaging, food packaging and so on. Advantages of micro corrugated:

1. High compressive strength, more reliable protection products;

2. Good buffering performance, good stacking strength, can replace the traditional buffering material;

3. The printing effect is good, can offset printing beautiful pattern text;

4. Good quality and light weight, the cost of packaging materials and transport costs of goods also declined.


Six Key Points of the Updated of Micro-Corrugated Single Facer

Micro corrugated characteristics are: flute is more V-flute, flute top arc radius is smaller, corrugated base paper due to the centrifugal force generated by the operation of corrugating rollrs and easily separated from the corrugated teeth affect the coating and bonding; Paper humidity, temperature, tension and speed of operation of the control of corrugated paper forming is particularly sensitive, Smaller arcs require a smaller amount of glue to be precisely controlled. The updated of micro-corrugated single-side machine should be carried out according to the above characteristics.


1. New Corrugating Roll

1) For the design parameters of corrugated roof, we should be pay attention to the values of corrugated strength, angle of corrugated roof, circular arc of corrugated roofand valley, corrugated height, paper consumption rate, etc.

2) Corrugating roll structure design, according to the fixed shape of corrugated paper guide form (vacuum negative pressure external suction, vacuum negative pressur einternal suction or cushion positive pressure) design air groove (vacuuminternal suction air groove ring and herringbone type).

3) According to the above structure of corrugating roll determined by the rigidity of the rollbody, and each single machine different roller arrangement, design and calculate the corrugating roll height value.


2. Design, Manufacture or Modify the Mechanism of different Paper Guide Forms (vacuum negative pressure external suction type, vacuum negative pressure internal suction type or air cushion positive pressure type)

1) Pay attention to negative pressure air cover or positive pressure sealing chamber.

2) According to the specifications of corrugating roll to set the appropriate air volume and pressure.

3) According to the above form to determine the number and location of copper sheet guide and air outlet.


3.  Gluing System

1) The new system of cots (paste roll) to be able to make a thinner rubber layer of a finer surface mesh and achieve less than 0.02 mm of circular beating precision.

2) The new system of measuring roll (cots, squeegee, quantitative roll), to achieve less than 0.01 mm of circular beating precision. Ensure that the gluing gap between the gluing roller and the measuring roller is less than 0.08 mm and uniform.

3) Adjustable paste blocking device should be equipped.

4) Pneumatic device is optional, its role is to quickly follow up and out of the coating system.

4. According to the actual structure, installation location and surrounding environment of the single-side machine, design the direction of suction or air supply pipeline, determine the position of high-pressure fan, and manufacture the suction and air supply pipeline systemand high-pressure fan bracket.


5. According to the specifications of corrugated roll and air volume and pressure, choose the matching high pressure fan and silencer.

6. Design Electrical Control System.

Micro corrugated packaging production is a system engineering, from the design of the flute shape, structure and precision of the corrugating roll, the form of a single machine, the operation precision of the all equipment in production line, to the choice of paper, paper tension control, temperature and humidity control, glue preparation and the gluing quantity control and cardboard quality control etc.,are all having different requirements of regular corrugated board such as flute A,B,C.