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Damage of Improper Control of Gluing Volume

Jan 06, 2019

Damage of Improper Control of Gluing Volume

In corrugated board production, the most important link is gluing. Glue is just as important as human blood. Once the glue is abnormal, the quality and production efficiency of the whole board will be affected. Even if you make a very good glue, you should see whether the amount of glue is appropriate.

In general, once the amount of glue on the wrong control, it will affect the following.


1.Poor Adhesion of Cardboard

If the amount of glue is too small, it will lead to degumming, paper of high material or applying too much is particularly obvious, resulting in poor paper adhesion.

However, when the amount of glue on the cardboard is too much, the board will become soft, in other words gluing is like watering, when the amount of glue on the paper water is large, the water is large once the high speed of production, resulting in poor adhesion. 

This is because the water is large, the paper by the heat is low, the glue can not reach the appropriate temperature for gelatinization, resulting in poor adhesion. So many factories corrugated line once the speed is fast, the adhesion is bad, and this has something to do with the amount of glue applied.

Experience: the amount of the gluing and the size of the paper has a relationship, generally high material paper has a large volume of gluing, other paper on the amount of glue to be smaller.


2.Physical Index Reduction

There are two biggest factors in gluing process that affects the physical cardboard : one is the volume of the gluing amount, the other is the gap between the rolls and pressure rollers. 

Many operators are worried that cardboard degumming will reduce the gap between the pressure rollerand the rolls, that is to say, the corrugated height is 2 mm, adjust the gap of only 1.7 mm, then corrugated in the gluing time will directly destroy the flute, so that the edge pressure of the cardboard will undoubtedly become lower. So on the gap between the physical destruction of cardboard is much higher than on the amount of glue.


3.Starch Content Increased

When the amount of glue is high, the use of starch will increase, which will directly lead to the increase of production costs, so the carton factory must control the amount of glue of the line width.


Gluing Line


So, how to determine whether the glue is too much? You can make a good judgment by the following figure. You can see the two fingers on the figure. When the fingers are pressed on the (roll) and there are two grooves, the occurrence of this situation indicates that the amount of gluing is too large.

Conclusion: gluing seems to be a very simple thing, but in the actual production operation affects the quality of cardboard far more than the above, gluing a large amount not only affects the production cost and production efficiency, but also damage the physical properties of cardboard.