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Corrugator Low Speed?Check Those Key Factors Here!

Dec 12, 2018

Corrugator Low Speed?Check Those Key Factors Here!


Inherent deficiency of equipment

Due to the lack of understanding of the performance structure of the equipment when purchasing, or the preference to purchase the equipment with immature design and manufacturing defects at a low price, the main performance is as follows:

(1) Corrugated machine heat energy utilization rate is low or cannot meet the required temperature of 180 ℃.

(Heat supply supporting defects, high heat loss that is, the design of external suction vacuum adsorption device is unreasonable, take away a certain amount of heat, heat supply and insufficient).

(2)  Corrugated roller: diameter less than 280mm.

Although some equipment specifications indicate an economic speed of 300m/min, actual production cannot be achieved at all. Some corrugated roller merchants with its diameter 320mm or less also indicated that the economic speed can reach 180m/min, its essence is deceptive advertisement .

(3) Pre-heater cylinder diameter is less than 600mm

and there is no adjusting paper preheating angle device, can not fully preheat the base paper.

(4) The hot plate of the dryer is too short (less than 9m).

The double-sided machine coated with glue after the cardboard drying is not enough, adhesive gelatinization is bad, a large number of cardboard degummed too soft if speed up a little bit.

(5)  The cooling part is short and the ballast floating roller is scarce.

(spacing is more than 200mm), which is unfavorable to the water vapor emission, shaping and full adhesion of the board.


The quality of raw paper fail to meet the production requirements

One-sided pursuit low cost, prefer to purchasing poor tention, extra moisture, no tenacity, dusty raw paper at a low price which can not meet the quality requirement. And it is quite obvious that what would happen to use such raw paper that even are not up to the national standards in production, let alone to expecting speed up.


Poor quality of starch and improper amount of glue

Failed to flexibly prepare adhesive fluid according to the paper's water permeability, environmental temperature and humidity. Or the use of thin deterioration and a large number of foam glue, or worry about cardboard adhesion and deliberately increase the amount of glue, while neglecting the speed of the full preheating of single-side corrugated board and dryer temperature and other factors, resulting in single-side corrugated board water absorption too variable soft, and dryer has to slow down in order to ensure the adhesion of cardboard and stiffness.

According to the opinions of experts, corrugated board line running speed of more than 60m/min, the quality standard of the original paper is not lower than class B, as for the quality of glue solution is particularly important for the speed of cardboard line running. Only from the glue viscosity, starch water ratio perspective: high-speed running cardboard line (100m/min or more), the viscosity of 40-45s (coating 4 standard measurement), the ratio of starch and water to 1:6-1:7 is appropriate. In order to achieve the ideal speed ,the paper environment temperature and humidity and other comprehensive analysis should be adopted to make a flexible preparation of adhesive fluid.


Weak technical strength and lack of team spirit

There is a serious shortage of qualified technical personnel. The operators of each key process are not skilled enough in controlling the equipment, and the training and learning necessary for employees fail to attract the high attention of the enterprise. Though the technical personnel of each key process are good, the lack of good team consciousness and the spirit of collaboration will also affect the speed of cardboard box operation.

The key to solve the above problems should be based on the enterprise's own conditions due to the factory, individual measures. If the enterprise is unable to carry on the equipment renewal in the near future, may consider the equipment transformation. But the first priority is to target equipment deficiency so as to be able to solve the problems, avoid by all means blind.

Finally, it is worth paying attention to the "people-oriented" concept advocated by many enterprises. It is never easy to practice those words often talked by the business leaders like employees' technical level, quality and teamwork spirit. How to training talents, reserving talents, retaining talents, and maximize release their energy depend on the employment mechanism of enterprises and the charm of enterprises, as well as the good space for the development of talents.