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Automatic Lead Edge Printer Slotter Machine

Automatic Lead Edge Printer Slotter Machine

XL480B × 2300 High Speed 2 Color Printing Slotter Die cutting Machine Paper feeding Unit (lead edge feeder system) 1.Leading edge as a positioning benchmark, in line with the printing, slotting positioning benchmark. 2.High processing ability of bending paper board. 3.Continuous or spaced paper......

XL480B × 2300 High Speed 2 Color Printing Slotter Die cutting Machine

Paper feeding Unit (lead edge feeder system)

1.Leading edge as a positioning benchmark, in line with the printing, slotting positioning benchmark.

2.High processing ability of bending paper board.

3.Continuous or spaced paper feeding.

4.Dustproof control box.

5."Delta" series PLC, high speed operation module and connection communication interface.

6.10.4 inch color touch screen man-machine interface.

7.Main engine speed inverter control.

Unit power supply no fuse switch.

8.Overload protection electromagnetic switch control motor start and stop .

9.Control circuit protection switch.

10. Air suction range manual adjust according to the width of the board.

11.Can adjust the paper feeding stroke, reduce the pressure of paper roller.

12.Dust removal device, brush to remove paper scraps on the surface of paperboard.

13.Main motor triangulated belt drive with automatic protection device.

14.Rubber roller clearance adjustment adopts self-locking structure.

15.Button electric separation or merge, torsion limiter device to prevent overload.

16.The middle air pressure non-clearance machine wall connection lock and the bottom air pressure connecting rod position lock, the frame is fixed firmly.

17.Electric adjust Left and right block board position, manual adjust front baffle clearance.

18.Slide bar mechanism, displacement stable accurate.

19.Maximum, minimum position is limited by program.

20.Side baffle can be adjusted at the same time or individually .
21.Front baffle slide bar mechanism displacement stable, accurate.
22.Front gap manual adjust, crosswise position manual adjust.

22.Button electric adjust the wide of paperboard.

23.The large cardboard assists the droop supporting roller shaft.

24.Manual adjust the feeding paper wheel clearance by button.

25.Upper feeding roller are coated with compound rubber material (double-layer, soft, hard) and cutting groove to avoid damage paperboard.

26.Lower feeding wheel surface is embossed, ground and chrome plated.

27.Feed shaft and drive gear keyless collar link.


Print unit (sets)

1.Dustproof control box.

2.Unit power supply no fuse switch.

3.Overload protect motor start or stop.

4.Control circuit protection switch.

5.Individual nozzle centralized position lubricating device.

6.Manually adjust the gap between pressure roll and paper roller.

7.Remember the original position function: clean printing plate rotation printing roller automatically record the relative position of each color printing before shutdown.

8.The outer diameter of plate roller is 465.6 mm (excluding printing plate, the thickness of printing plate is 7.2 mm or 3.94 mm) (including the thickness of plate paper 7.2 mm).

9.The center of the printing roller is marked with the middle line for installation the plate for positive reference.

11.Computer simulation dynamic rotation balance correction

12.Printing roller surface is ground and chrome plated.

13.The reel hangs the plate, and two sides lock device, so that the position of the plate is more accurate.

14.Computer touch screen adjust printing roller phase by numerical setting, button quantitative or inch continuous three operation modes.

15.Manual control lateral phase range + 5mm.

16.Printing roller and transmission gear is keyless collar link.

17.Manual twist shaft, full plate hanging groove.

18.The foot switch control positive and negative turn when mounting and disassembling the printing plate.

19.Press roller, rubber roller, anilox roller clearance are adjusted by self-locking structure.

20.Printed phase fixing device, pneumatic brake mechanism.

21.When the unit separates and adjusts the phase or the cleaning, the brake mechanism restricts the gear rotation and keeps the original gear position fixed point.

22.After cleaning printing plate automatic reset system:automatic memory of each print position when machine seat merges back to original printing position.

23.Each printing unit is provided with a reset to zero button.

Steel anilox roller l (two groups)

1.Cellular network Outer diameter 216, mesh number: 200 mesh, 1 pcs, 220 head, 1 pcs.

2.Steel roller surface made by compression molding, uniform dot, uniform ink.

3.Balance correction, smooth operation.

4.Manually adjust the rollers and the printing roller clearance.

9.Stop, automatic, mandatory ink three-stage selection switch.

11.Combined with the pneumatic automatic lifting device of the paper feeding system ( when the paper is delivered, the roller will be reduced to contact with the plate, and the roller will be separated from the printing plate when the paper is stopped.

12.Automatic inking pattern with paper state stop or start, each printing unit of ink and paper start delay time can be set respectively.

13.The roller is equipped with a one-way overrunning clutch, leaving the main driving force to make ink-leveling or ink washing more convenient and fast.

Rubber roll (two sets)

1.Outer diameter 184, do dynamic balance correction.

2.Surface wrapped wear-resistant parabola form ground rubber so ink transmission effect is good.

3.Adjust the gap between rubber roll and anilox roller by hand.

Single axis slotted unit (group)

1.Dustproof control box.

2."Delta" series PLC high speed operation module and connection communication interface.

3.7 inch monochromatic touch screen control unit operates man-machine interface.

4.Unit power supply no fuse switch.

5.Overload protect motor start or stop.

6.Control circuit protection switch.

7.Slotted unit side inside moving knife operating panel.

8.Three modes of phase adjustment, numeric setting, button quantitative or inch continuous operation

9.The phase is adjusted automatically after the numerical setting.

10.The slotting box adopts electric adjusting inner ring structure to make the lubricating oil not easy to pollute the carton.

11.Four sets of knife seats.

Bottom wheel flange steel.

1.The first press wire wheel, after pre-pressing wire cardboard is not easy to break.

2.The lower cutter head moves passively and it is equipped with pneumatic self-locking function.

3.The upper and lower line moves synchronously.

4.Slotted phase is controlled by computer and electric digital.

5.Tool holder, press wheel shaft and transmission gear to avoid key shaft ring connection.

The cutter seat, the pressing line axle is adjusted and processed, and the surface is electroplated.

Tool holder, press line wheel shaft surface with clean waste ring groove.

Upper and lower pressure wire wheel, slotted upper and lower tool seat transverse position monofilament pole multi-motor with linear guideway, make movement more flexible, accurate, computer and electric control.

Slotting depth, pressing wheel, clearance manual adjustment.

Toothed blade slotted blade with a thickness of 7.0 mm and 60 °and 30 °.

Slotting tool shaft clearance, equipped with self-locking device.

Indentation clearance adjustment using self-locking structure.

The position of the machine is locked by the pneumatic brake in the separate state.

Die-cutting unit (group)

Mechanical reversing ±20 mm automatic swimming device for rubber cushion roll.

Die-cutting phase, microcomputer phase meter electric digital control.

The horizontal phase control range is ±10mm.

Manual adjustment of gap between cots and die rollers.

The eccentric device of cylinder can be removed automatically or manually under the condition of non-die cutting, which can reduce the load of machine without load and prolong the service life of superior glue and cutter die at the same time.

The cots are equipped with linear speed compensation device to control the linear speed of the cots and template rollers, which can prolong the service life of the superior rubber pads.

Rubber cushion roller cutting and leveling structure, to maintain the flat surface of the pad.

Roll of 430.7mm template (excluding cutter), applicable cutter height 25.4mm, knife mold board thickness: 16mm (three layers cardboard), 13mm (five layers cardboard).

Rubber cushion roller 434.2 mm (excluding superior force rubber pad, suitable for cushion thickness of 8 mm).

drive gear

The transmission gear is made of 4% high quality gear steel with 50 thickness, quenched, quenched and hardness HRC58-62. It has excellent toughness and wear resistance.

The drive adopts inner eccentricity and outer cross sliding head structure. When the pressure is adjusted, the change of gear clearance is 0, which can achieve long term printing registration.

The key free connection ring can make the shaft and gear complete seamless connection, no clearance in the use of large torsion distance, easy to install and maintain, can make the gear drive with high precision for a long time to ensure printing accuracy.

The tooth surface is lubricated by oil pump, and the life of gear is improved. Each group has a separate oil pump.

Whole machine performance

Operation control voltage AC380V frequency 50 Hz, control line voltage AC 220 V.

The control panel is equipped with a 10. 4 inch HMI color touch screen, which can control the paper feed, printing, slotting, convenient operation, fast operation and high precision. In addition, each group is equipped with a color touch screen, which is more convenient to operate. Computer control can store 999 commonly used orders. The change order is faster, the operation is more convenient.

Memory return to zero, the machine in the working process, such as the need to open the machine for erasing or a small number of plate change, after the machine closed can automatically restore the original position.

All transmission rollers are high quality steel, hard chromium plated, surface grinding.

The 50 mm thickness of transmission gear is manufactured by fine grinding of high quality gear steel, and its hardness is 58-62 degrees after heat treatment.

Each unit of the whole machine is separated completely or separately, and the alarm ring continuously while walking to ensure the safety of the operator.

The emergency stop switch is set in each unit, which can stop the movement of each unit inside to ensure the safety of the internal operator.

Oil automatic balancing device to keep all units of oil at the same level.

The wall board of the main engine is made of HT250, 50 mm thick by tempering, large machining center, high strength and high precision.

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